Monday, 25 January 2016

B/W&Read #3: Emergency Exit #2: Coping Through Avoidance

B/W&Read #3: Emergency Exit #2: Coping Through Avoidance - By Ben Smith

Emergency Exit #2 is the latest issue of Ben's long running zine Get in The Van (now on issue #7) in its current incarnation - and is the second collection of blog posts from

Following on from issue #1, this zine tells the story of Ben's summer cycling across Europe, looking for adventure on a shoe string budget. Along the way, Ben muses on mental health, autonomy and avoidance inspired by new sights and experiences. 

An E-Book version is available for pay-what-you-like download. You can also read the zine below for free - but if you enjoy it, consider buying Ben a coffee.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

B/W&Read 1: For Ourselves, For Each Other: The Say It Right Writers Circle Anthology

B/W&Read #1: For Ourselves, For Each Other: The Say It Right Writers Circle Anthology - By Orzak Bule, Phil Chokeword, Ali H, Alan Marshall, Ben Smith 

The Say It Right Writers Circle was born on 1st January 2014. For the next 12 months 5 writers took it in turns to pick monthly themes to work on. Every month we wrote 700ish words each. These short pieces were shared among the circle and then published online. Our writing could be about anything as long as it somehow related to the monthly theme and covered a variety of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

This anthology contains the material produced by the circle. It contains 5 distinct voices exploring topics as diverse as sport and work to spirituality and rebellion. Collecting over 60 unique pieces of writing, the anthology is equal parts thoughtful and irreverent, humorous and emotionally charged. It shows 5 writers learning their craft, finding new ways to be creative and celebrating a DIY approach to culture. And, with each piece a manageable length, it's the perfect escapism for your tea break or daily commute.

E-Book - in E-Pub or Mobi format:

Pay-what-you-want (suggested price - £3):

Friday, 3 April 2015

B/W&Read 2: Emergency Exit: Escape, Adventure, Hope

B/W&Read 2: Emergency Exit: Escape, Adventure, Hope - By Ben Smith - E-Book Only
Emergency Exit is the latest issue of Ben's long running zine Get in The Van, as well as being the first collection of blog posts from

Originally limited to 60 copies produced to coincide with speaking at the Cycle Touring Festival, Emergency Exit is the first part of how Ben - disillusioned and looking for something more than the daily grind - decided to spend a year cycle touring, sleeping rough, sofa surfing, Woofing and travelling across Europe.

The print run has now sold out - but an E-Book version is now available for pay-what-you-like download in e-Pub and Mobi formats.

You can also read the zine below for free but if you enjoy it, consider buying Ben a coffee.

B/W&Read 0.5: Contested Ground #1

B/W&Read 0.5: Contested Ground #1
A football zine by punks/ex-punks and fellow travelers, Contested Ground is about the crossover and contradictions between DIY punk culture and football culture.  

Issue #1 is limited to 150 copies with a free sticker, and features:
  • Berlin: Football Sticker Culture - Will DeNiro
  • Inter the Unknown (Norwich City vs Inter Milan) - Marv Gadgie
  • CPFC & DHFC (Supporting Crystal Palace and Dulwich Hamlet) - Kate Lets Just Pretend
  • Mexico vs. Croatia (World Cup photos from Brazil 2014) - Wex
  • Southampton vs Stoke (Coming back to hardcore punk and football) - Phil Chokeword
  • Who Will Win The Glory Supporters Derby? (Glory hunting in the modern era)- Marv Gadgie
  • 26th December 2014: Crystal Palace vs Southampton (Boxing Day away day story)- Jon Boka
For more information or to read the zine online, visit the Contested Ground Website.