Friday, 3 April 2015

B/W&Read 2: Emergency Exit: Escape, Adventure, Hope

B/W&Read 2: Emergency Exit: Escape, Adventure, Hope - By Ben Smith - E-Book Only
Emergency Exit is the latest issue of Ben's long running zine Get in The Van, as well as being the first collection of blog posts from

Originally limited to 60 copies produced to coincide with speaking at the Cycle Touring Festival, Emergency Exit is the first part of how Ben - disillusioned and looking for something more than the daily grind - decided to spend a year cycle touring, sleeping rough, sofa surfing, Woofing and travelling across Europe.

The print run has now sold out - but an E-Book version is now available for pay-what-you-like download in e-Pub and Mobi formats.

You can also read the zine below for free but if you enjoy it, consider buying Ben a coffee.